Our clients inspire our work and process.

Zack | de Vito Architecture + Construction personifies the multi-disciplinary, Architect-Led practice. We provide a wide range of Architect-Led services to our diverse and wonderful clients – and have done so for over twenty-five years.

Inspired by modernist principles and a deep value for craft, Zack | de Vito designs and builds experiential, award-winning architectural spaces. Our practice is rooted in a lifelong interest in how buildings are made, a drive for excellence and the desire to offer you a thoughtful, intelligent, and efficient process.

Zack | de Vito Architecture + Construction has honed a practice of listening to your imaginative dreams and drawing out what makes your project unique to you and your site.  Partnering to take the steps together through design, permitting and construction result in projects that challenge the perception of your environment and bring joy to everyday life. We believe that there is beauty in the process and in the details. We like to try new things. We think outside of the box. We know the importance of shared values and taking on a challenge together. Your project should speak in your voice and our role is to inspire and guide you to that meaningful result.

Whether it’s engaging with us in full-service architecture or in full-service Architect-Led DesignBuild, we honor our commitment to provide the best team and apply all that we have learned in years of practice in the Bay Area. Our unique Architect-Led services provide differing opportunities for how we can work together to create your meaningful project.

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