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San Francisco, California

A modern eatery with back garden seating makes use of reclaimed wood to create a warm, inviting dining environment.

Wood walls set a linear flow throughout this restaurant, in the form of boards in a variety of widths that are stacked to form an interior siding—extending as a continuous skin from the entry, through the dining room, and out to form the walls of the rear patio. The wood was sourced and reclaimed from Bay Area wine casks and barns.

Starbelly’s design concept offers a variety of dining areas: indoor bar seating, table seating and communal table, and outdoor canvas-covered patio seating with herb and vegetable garden. The bar top and communal dining table are also made from reclaimed wood; formerly a bowling lane.

Other design elements include a ‘window’ of wine bottles on the storefront, and a series of steel ‘boxes’ inset above the wood on the interior walls to break up the horizontality, and provide display shelving and storage areas.

ZdV Project Team:

Architecture Team:
Jim Zack, Paul Bugin
Lighting Design:
Jim Zack
Contractor | Build Team:
Zack | de Vito, Shane Klare Lead
Henrik Kam
Restaurant Group:
Back of the House

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