States Street Tandem


Custom Multi-Family Residential
San Francisco, California

Located on a steep hillside above San Francisco’s Castro District, this ground-up duplex rises up from its unique square lot to overlook the city’s neighboring hills.

A pair of dynamic barrel-vaulted metal roofs arc over steel trusses to maximize the verticality of this duplex. Exposed trusses span over three levels of open living and circulation spaces in the all-white interior. Long, south-facing terraces enable residents to bask in the views.

In each home the expansive, airy spaces for living, dining and sleeping are accessed by a single stair at the rear, lending some of their copious natural light to permeate the more internal spaces for cooking, bathing, storage and mechanicals. Custom finishes of steel, concrete, translucent glass and tile reiterate States Street’s modern aesthetic.​

ZdV Project Team:

Architecture Team:
Andy Drake, Jim Zack
Hakewill Construction
Double D Engineering
Massamiliano Bolzonella, Mark Seelen with production by Marc Heldens

Zack | de Vito,  est. 1991
1672 15th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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