Steelhouse 1 + 2

Architect-led DesignBuild + Developer + Landscape

Custom Multi-Family Residential
San Francisco, California

A resourceful, considered response to modern urban infill housing—with two spatially dynamic, efficient homes that offer beauty, comfort and outdoor space in the heart of a dense residential neighborhood.

A truly comprehensive project, Zack | de Vito led the entire process of acquiring and transforming this property into an idyllic courtyard compound with two detached units.

The buildings—Steelhouse 1 and Steelhouse 2—reference each other through hand-crafted design detailing and a standardized palette of finishes, but are completely independent of each other experientially.

At the front of the site a new, ground-up, three-level home with shared garage was added. A common yard space is nested between the two units, balancing autonomy with maximal land use and responsible density. At the rear, an existing, derelict cottage was completely reimagined, rebuilt and expanded into a modern two-level home—secluded amidst the mid-block green space. Steel is the primary material and defining architectural feature throughout—as exterior cladding and interior design gesture.

ZdV Project Team:

Architecture Team:
Jim Zack, Lise de Vito, Joe Benveniste, Matthew Oh
Landscape Design:
Lise de Vito, Helen de Normanville
Lighting Design:
Lise de Vito, Jim Zack
Contractor | Build Team:
Zack | de Vito Build Team with Construction Lead and Build | Development Partner: Bruce Wickstrom
Double D Engineering
Bruce Damonte, Paul Dyer